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3D visualization and measurement

PackViz® gives you full control over the situation in a cargo container.

PackViz® lets you examine a loaded container from any desired perspective. As in a CAD application, this is possible in 2D and 3D, with numerous tools being provided to facilitate the intuitive navigation through the virtual environment.

The PackViz® user interface was designed according to the latest accomplishments of UI research, with the explicit goal that any user should be able to learn its numerous features and apply these skills to support their practical objectives.

Context sensitive, flexible visualization

With PackViz® you can connect the 3D cargo view directly to practical data, enabling high-fidelity visual control over groupings, priorities as well as order picking, labelling, size and weight relationships (to name just a few). This offers an unprecedented, stunningly insightful perspective on a container and its cargo.

What's more, PackViz® offers a powerful tool for the determination of relevant distances, be it between parcels or container boundaries. Precise and reliable measurements can be taken with only a few clicks of the mouse - this allows the loading process to be continuously verified for correctness and accuracy.

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