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Designed for practical use

PackViz® provides all the tools needed to put an optimized cargo arrangement into practice.

A software like PackViz® is only useful if it's been designed with the specific intent of supporting the requirements and challenges of the real world - this is why practical relevance has been the driving factor of both design and development.

In designing PackViz®, we have spared no efforts to exploit the tremendous wealth of experience of the software industry. The result is a state-of-the-art product that is not only highly flexible but also remarkably easy and efficient to use. Most features can be invoked with only a few klicks of the mouse: This is just right for a work environment where wasting time means wasting money.

PackViz®: Powerful but still intuitive

A tech-savvy worker needs only a few minutes to get acquainted with the base functions of PackViz®. Despite a treasure trove of features that emphasize practical relevance, it is possible to command them all after only a short span of experience. What's more, the richly illustrated documentation was written with the intention of accompanying the reader through multiple practical scenarios. This is how we ensure that the user be able to take full advantage of our product.

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