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Master cartons

PackViz® keeps track of the contents of all master cartons and considers these quantities during reporting and inventory.

PackViz® is able to differentiate between regular cargo and master cartons, which contain predefined quantities of articles. Prior to calculating the optimized cargo layout, it's possible to define article types that are first fit into master cartons before they are placed into the transport container.

Reliable survey, control and inventory

PackViz® is constantly aware of the precise contents of all master cartons and can even visualize them for the user. By analogy, it's equally simple to determine the article types and quantities contained within a specific carton. These figures also inform the loading instructions, where the contents of each carton are of particular importance.

Finally, this data is also provided during reports so that the PackViz® user is always only a few clicks away from a detailed inventory of the transport containers.

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