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Minimized loading time, unloading time and standstill

The Pack Wizard accelerates the loading process of cargo containers.

Time is money: Each minute lost can be measured in cash, just as each minute gained increases the efficiency of the processes involved - and the more efficient the logistics process, the more requests can be handled with shorter latency periods.

PackViz® allows a business to accelerate its logistics process in a significant way: An effective usage of our software minimizes the loading time at the source of a transport as well as the unloading time at its destination. This leads to the immediate shortening of standstill times for all involved transport vehicles, be it a van, a truck, a ship or an airplane: The same transport fleet will be capable of shipping more goods within shorter timespans.

Flexible load planning with PackViz®

The aforementioned gain in efficiency is due to PackViz® making it possible to plan the entire loading process before the transport vehicle even arrives at the warehouse. The staff is freed from the responsibility of having to fill the container using manual, inefficient estimations. Instead, PackViz® enables them to visualize each step of the loading process in an interactive way and even put the physical cargo in the right order in preparation for a loading process of unprecedented efficiency and speed.

PackViz® offers numerous ways to organize and survey the freight within a container.

What's more, PackViz® contains numerous features to accelerate the unloading process at the transport destination: Cargo can be spatially grouped so that related parcels can be passed on immediately. Priorization allows parcels to be unloaded in an order that is defined by the user according to the demands of the situation. All placements within the cargo container can be visualized at the destination prior to the arrival of the transport, allowing the staff to localize important parts of the shipment in advance.

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