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Optimal utilization of cargo volume

A cargo container loaded by PackViz®. Thousands of parcels with different sizes are optimally arranged.

When the goal is to fill a container with cargo so as to utilize the most amount of volume, one cannot proceed without the assistance of computers, even when dealing with only a few dozen parcels of varying dimensions.

If unassisted, this task becomes absolutely impossible given hundreds or thousands of distinct cargo pieces – each with a different size, a different weight and different associated parameters (such as maximum carry weights or turning constraints).

A practical problem

In most cases, manual approximations fall significantly short of what's actually possible, and as a result, large portions of cargo volume are not utilized - to say nothing of the time that's wasted by the warehouse staff trying to find a proper cargo arrangement by hand. If all that time and energy were not sacrificed, it could be channelled to fill up the next container or to engage in other responsibilities that drive the efficiency of the logistics process.

Substandard load efficiency also leads to more transports being necessary to ship the same amount of cargo. One inefficient solution is to pack small cargo into larger cartons for the sake of standardizing parcel sizes, but this means that containers regularily ship large quantities of air with a relatively small amount of net weight. All this leads to significant inefficiencies in the logistics process - inefficiencies which can be measured in both time and money.

The solution thanks to PackViz®

The cargo volume of this container is maximally utilized thanks to PackViz®.

With PackViz®, all of these problems belong to the past. The revolutionary PackViz® algorithm is capable of determining the optimized placement for thousands of cargo pieces - all while considering groupings, priorities, weight balancing and numerous other parameters important in practical scenarios. Even when filling a container with thousands of differently sized parcels it is often possible to utilize more than 95% of the available volume!

But PackViz® doesn't stop there: It can display each step of the loading process for the benefit of the warehouse worker, including detailed instructions, measurements and relevant relationships. PackViz® not only minimizes the number of necessary transports by filling the available cargo volume in an optimal way - it significantly shortens the time that is required for loading and unloading!

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