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Pack wizard

With PackViz®, the high-speed, high-efficiency loading of containers becomes an easy, reliable routine: Every step is clearly illustrated.

PackViz® provides the warehouse staff with precise and detailed instructions for the entire loading process. These instructions are available in 2D, 3D and in textual format (or any combination thereof) and can even be exported into a standalone file that is viewable by any modern computer. This allows the loading instructions to be printed on paper or saved as a PDF. The workers don't even have to perform the actual calculations - the optimized loading plan can be done in advance and sent straight to the location of interest.

Comprehensible and efficient

For each step in the loading process, the "Pack Wizard" puts an automatic emphasis on the cargo objects that are relevant at that particular moment. All measurements and distances of interest are automatically visualized and can be compared to the physical situation on-site. The warehouse staff can quickly ensure the correctness of the loading progress. This is particularly useful when dealing with very large quantities of cargo: The workers can be sure that what they're doing is not only right but also optimally efficient.

By empowering the warehouse staff with all necessary tools, PackViz® enables them to fill a container with cargo in a minimal amount of time while simultaneously accomplishing unprecedented levels of efficiency.

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