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PackViz® allows for the creation of detailed reports and inventories at the touch of a button.

All data sets that are entered into PackViz®, imported from a database or calculated by the optimization algorithm can be exported in tabular format. This allows for them to be printed, saved as PDF documents or used for further calculations in applications like Excel. Naturally, this includes all metrics and key figures that describe the quality and the risk-factors of a loading plan.

Pack Reports

The Pack Wizard's detailed loading instructions can also be exported in graphical and textual format, so that an optimized and dramatically accelerated loading process can proceed on the basis of a mere paper handout or a PDF document (called a "pack report"). What's more, a detailed description of the precise contents of each cargo container can be printed and used during inventory and for further logistics planning. Reports of this sort can be generated both from the perspective of single articles and as well as master cartons.

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