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Safety during transport

PackViz® allows the balancing of weight distributions within a container.

The safe arrival of a shipment is the top priority of any good logistics process. For this reason, PackViz® offers many features that ensure safety during transport, such as the automatic balancing of weight distributions so as to move the center of gravity towards the physical center of the container. The user can assess possible risks before they materialize and avoid them altogether.

PackViz® enables the user to specify numerous constraints (such as the maximum height during the stacking of cargo) and ensures that they are always carried out to the letter. Many of these constraints can be set for each cargo item individually, such as the maximum carry weight or the impossibility of turning an item on its side. PackViz® allows multiple calculations to be compared side-by-side so that their respective risks and benefits can be weighed against each other, thus ensuring a transport that is both safe and efficient.

Stay in complete control using PackViz®

PackViz® can visualize the precise placement of cargo in a fully featured, interactive and powerful 3D view. The user can easily evaluate safety-related criteria like stack heights or weight distributions, and what's more, detect critical areas with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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