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Optimal utilization
of cargo volume
Minimized transport time
and transport cost
Minimized loading time,
unloading time and standstill
Safety during transport
Designed for practical use
PackViz® 2012: The revolution in logistics.
Optimal utilization of cargo volume
When the goal is to fill a container with cargo so as to utilize the most amount of volume, one cannot proceed without the assistance of computers, even when dealing with only a few dozen parcels of varying dimensions.

If unassisted, this task becomes absolutely impossible given hundreds or thousands of distinct cargo pieces – each with a different size, a different weight and different associated parameters (such as maximum carry weights or turning constraints).

Minimized transport time and transport cost
By filling the cargo volume in an optimal way, PackViz® minimizes the amount of containers needed for a particular transport, which immediately reduces the necessary time.

Minimized loading time, unloading time and standstill
Time is money: Each minute lost can be measured in cash, just as each minute gained increases the efficiency of the processes involved - and the more efficient the logistics process, the more requests can be handled with shorter latency periods.

PackViz® allows a business to accelerate its logistics process in a significant way: An effective usage of our software minimizes the loading time at the source of a transport as well as the unloading time at its destination. This leads to the immediate shortening of standstill times for all involved transport vehicles, be it a van, a truck, a ship or an airplane: The same transport fleet will be capable of shipping more goods within shorter timespans.

Safety during transport
The safe arrival of a shipment is the top priority of any good logistics process. For this reason, PackViz® offers many features that ensure safety during transport, such as the automatic balancing of weight distributions so as to move the center of gravity towards the physical center of the container. The user can assess possible risks before they materialize and avoid them altogether.

Designed for practical use
A software like PackViz® is only useful if it's been designed with the specific intent of supporting the requirements and challenges of the real world - this is why practical relevance has been the driving factor of both design and development.

What is PackViz®?

The shipping of goods and raw materials is becoming evermore challenging as the global economy continues to expand. Demands for the efficiency of transport are steadily on the increase. While minimal times, minimal costs and maximum utilization of container volume are invariably being expected, traditional logistics has reached the peak of what it can accomplish a long time ago and is increasingly unable to cope with the mounting requirements.

PackViz® is a revolutionary software product and was designed to solve these logistical challenges. It maximizes the container volume utilized by cargo to an unprecedented degree and allows the planning of loading processes at the cutting edge of modern technology.

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PackViz® 2012 Small Business Edition
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PackViz® 2012 Professional Edition
First-class control through revolutionary technology.
PackViz® 2012 Enterprise Edition
The gold standard for the most demanding scenarios.

About Progressive Mindworks

Our primary business goal is to enhance the efficiency of your company's logistics processes and accomplish considerable savings on your behalf. We take the necessary time to integrate PackViz® into your company structure and enable our product to be used in the most productive way.

Our custom-built algorithm commands a market leading, strongly practice-relevant feature set and can master the various challenges of logistics with unprecedented efficiency. In short: It is the gold standard for the most demanding scenarios.

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